What to Do When Someone Dies Without a WillWhat to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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What to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

Hello, my name is Kerry. Last year my mother died suddenly. When we went through her papers, we discovered she didn't have a will. My mother had been married to another man before she met my father and I had a couple of step brothers. Unfortunately, they turned up on our doorstep and started to demand that we hand over my mother's life savings to them and their family. I contacted a lawyer who specialises in probate law. She talked me through my case and explained how we would defend it in court. Thankfully, the matter was resolved to my satisfaction and I could start to grieve for my mother. I decided to start this blog to help others who have a contested will on their hands.

Three Ways Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Prove Your Case For The Win

When you're involved in a personal injury case, it can get pretty overwhelming, quite rapidly. Whilst you already have the stress of being injured, you may also have to deal with stress due to disputes regarding the accident. Clearly establishing fault is crucial when it comes to winning any personal injury case, and that's one reason that it's so important to have a skilled personal injury attorney. One of the most important roles that your personal injury lawyer will play in your case is the gathering of evidence so that it can later be used for proof. Read More 

Why You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer When You’re Getting a Divorce

In Australia, people file for divorce on a no-fault basis. In a no-fault divorce, a spouse does not have to prove that their partner's actions have led to the breakdown of the marriage. All a partner needs to do is to simply state that they can no longer get along with their partner, or that they have irreconcilable differences. Regardless of this, no-fault divorce cases in Australia can take a long time to determine, especially if there is a lack of cooperation between spouses. Read More 

Criminal Charges: Understanding the Primary Stealing Offences

Stealing is a common occurrence, and, often, pertinent crimes are not reported to the police. As a result, this category of offences has become misunderstood by the community. Consequently, you might find yourself unexpectedly charged with the crime of stealing. Here is a brief description of the offences that constitute stealing to help you fully grasp the legal offence. Simple Theft The crime of theft involves intentionally taking an item that belongs to another person. Read More