What to Do When Someone Dies Without a WillWhat to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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What to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

Hello, my name is Kerry. Last year my mother died suddenly. When we went through her papers, we discovered she didn't have a will. My mother had been married to another man before she met my father and I had a couple of step brothers. Unfortunately, they turned up on our doorstep and started to demand that we hand over my mother's life savings to them and their family. I contacted a lawyer who specialises in probate law. She talked me through my case and explained how we would defend it in court. Thankfully, the matter was resolved to my satisfaction and I could start to grieve for my mother. I decided to start this blog to help others who have a contested will on their hands.

The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Law Specialist

Navigating the legal system on your own can be overwhelming. That's why hiring a criminal law specialist is crucial in ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome for your case. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of enlisting the help of a criminal law specialist and how they can assist you throughout the legal process. Expertise and Experience One of the primary advantages of hiring a criminal law specialist is their expertise and experience in handling various types of criminal cases. Read More 

The Benefits of Using Debt Collection Services

Falling behind on payments and accumulating debt can happen to anyone. When attempts to recover owed funds on your own fail, it may be time to enlist the help of professionals. Debt collection services provide valuable assistance in recouping unpaid debts in an efficient and effective manner. Here's an overview of the key benefits these services offer: Increased Likelihood of Full or Partial Repayment Debt collection agencies have established procedures and leverage strategic techniques to get debtors to pay what they owe. Read More 

All You Need To Know About Wills

Most people postpone writing their will. Nevertheless, one should always have a will in place since they cannot anticipate their demise. So, what is a will, and what makes it so important? Below are some will FAQs to help you comprehend the benefits of this document.  What Is A Will?  A will is an estate planning document detailing how a deceased person, otherwise known as a testator, intends to distribute their wealth. Read More 

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Reasons To Revise Your Will

Wills are essential in dictating the distribution of people's estates. A will also cover various issues such as guardianship, end-of-life instructions, and management of digital assets. Still, your will requires constant revision to ensure its details are valid, updated and applicable. This piece discusses instances when you should revise your will.  Change in marital status Your will is no longer valid if you wrote it when you did not have a spouse. Read More