What to Do When Someone Dies Without a WillWhat to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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What to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

Hello, my name is Kerry. Last year my mother died suddenly. When we went through her papers, we discovered she didn't have a will. My mother had been married to another man before she met my father and I had a couple of step brothers. Unfortunately, they turned up on our doorstep and started to demand that we hand over my mother's life savings to them and their family. I contacted a lawyer who specialises in probate law. She talked me through my case and explained how we would defend it in court. Thankfully, the matter was resolved to my satisfaction and I could start to grieve for my mother. I decided to start this blog to help others who have a contested will on their hands.

Losing Your Castle: What To Do If Your Property Is Resumed

The iconic movie "The Castle" portrays the issue of land resumption as a story where a little Aussie battler fights against the establishment and wins.  However, recent high-profile cases highlight that real-life land acquisitions are far more complex. The north-west rail link in Sydney has resulted in over 1000 people receiving acquisition notices and 30 Brisbane residents will have their houses resumed in order to widen a motorway. Both cases have created considerable confusion and distress for property owners. Read More