What to Do When Someone Dies Without a WillWhat to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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What to Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

Hello, my name is Kerry. Last year my mother died suddenly. When we went through her papers, we discovered she didn't have a will. My mother had been married to another man before she met my father and I had a couple of step brothers. Unfortunately, they turned up on our doorstep and started to demand that we hand over my mother's life savings to them and their family. I contacted a lawyer who specialises in probate law. She talked me through my case and explained how we would defend it in court. Thankfully, the matter was resolved to my satisfaction and I could start to grieve for my mother. I decided to start this blog to help others who have a contested will on their hands.

Let Your Lawyer Handle Communications With the Other Side’s Insurance Adjuster

Having discussions with an insurance adjuster following a car accident may often lead to dreadful consequences. Insurance companies often protect their interests by refuting as many claims as possible and agreeing to the lowest possible compensation on others. Given that the insurance adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company, they lack the incentive to assist injury victims in getting fair compensation. Insurance adjusters may pretend to act friendly towards you but this is simply a fa├žade so that you can slip up and mention something that will weaken your personal injury lawsuit. Read More 

Family Law: The Importance of Getting Yourself a Family Lawyer

Family law is a branch of the law that specifically deals with marriage matters including divorce, separation, annulment, and alimony, as well as legal issues involving children, such as adoption, child support, child custody and visitation rights, etc. In some situations, family law may involve issues relating to family property. Thus, a good understanding of property law may be required in the practice of family law. If you have any family matter that requires the attention of the courts, you can either represent yourself or ask a family law lawyer to represent you. Read More 

Criminal Charges: Understanding the Primary Stealing Offences

Stealing is a common occurrence, and, often, pertinent crimes are not reported to the police. As a result, this category of offences has become misunderstood by the community. Consequently, you might find yourself unexpectedly charged with the crime of stealing. Here is a brief description of the offences that constitute stealing to help you fully grasp the legal offence. Simple Theft The crime of theft involves intentionally taking an item that belongs to another person. Read More 

Pet-Nups and Divorce: Who Gets to Keep the Pets After the Divorce?

Among other disputes that arise during divorce proceedings is the decision on who gets to keep the pet dog or cat. If you hadn't signed a pet-nup with your partner, making a choice can be hard, particularly if you are both attached to the pets. A pet-nup is an agreement that specifies who will own a pet after a divorce. Various situations should be analyzed regarding the pet-nup agreement to ensure that you reach an amicable decision during the divorce proceedings. Read More 

What You Should Know About Easement in Gross

There are several conveyancing terms that a potential property buyer should understand prior to appending their signature on a purchase contract, and one of those important terms is easement. An easement is simply a non-possessory legal right which allows someone to use the land for a particular purpose in spite of the fact that they don't actually own the land. You can be surprised to discover after you have purchased a property that it's not wholly private. Read More